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Update from the Road- Week 1

written by Traipsing Terra April 10, 2016

Its hard to believe that it’s been one week of being on the road. It has brought me to two new countries, super hot weather, and great food and coffee. So far we have spent the last week in Singapore, Malacca, Malaysia, and have just arrived at our third destination: Kuala Lumpur.


The moment I woke up on my first day in Singapore, I walked out of the hotel and right next door was an amazing cafe serving third wave coffee along with yummy breakfast treats. I usually do tons of research to find the best cafes in each city I travel to, so imagine how excited I was when I found this gem right next door from the hotel. Sadly, we were only spending one night at that hotel, because we had plans to splurge for our second night, and then spend the rest of our time in Chinatown. Maybe that seems crazy to some, but it gave us a nice look into very different neighborhoods. Honestly though, when I return to Singapore, I would love to stay in the first neighborhood we stayed in. It seemed less touristy, and everyone seemed really friendly and active. Even the baristas at the cafe were incredibly friendly, as opposed to surly baristas you can find in other places. So if you find your self near Penny University Café in Singapore, I highly recommended stopping by for coffee and food. It is worth the trip even if it is far from where you are staying.


View from the cafe! Look how cute this neighborhood is!


A proper macchiato accompanied by delicious granola, fruit, and yogurt!

The rest of my time in Singapore was spent walking to different attractions, everything from the sky trees near Marina Bay, to Chinatown, Little India, and the Botanical gardens. I really loved the botanical gardens as it allowed for a quiet retreat from the bustling city and the plants are really amazing. Although you have to pay to see the orchid garden, I think it was worth it because the orchids are beautiful, and there is an amazing array of them.


Little India, filled with beautiful colors!


Chinese New Year lantern hanging in Chinatown

The highlight of Singapore for me was the sky trees, especially at night when they are lit up. My number two highlight was the Indian food we ate in Little India. Hands down the best chicken tikka masala we have ever had. But I didn’t know then that I would eat some of the best Indian food at our next destination: Malacca, Malaysia.

Getting from Singapore to Malacca

There are many ways that you can get from Singapore to Malacca. I think the easiest and most straightforward would be to take a bus. Purchasing a bus ticket would make going through Immigration easier, mainly because you could probably keep your luggage on board, and the bus will wait for you. If you are like me however, and really want to take the train, it is no problem though it requires a few more steps. If you are interested to know how to do it, you can read all about my journey to Malacca from Singapore (coming soon).


As I mentioned, on my way into Malacca, I thought I had made a terrible mistake bringing us there, especially for two full days. Luckily, I turned out to be terribly wrong. Malacca was amazing. Not only was it a beautiful city but the food was amazing and the people friendly. That is a common theme I am finding during my time in Malaysia. I’m honestly not sure why I never put Malaysia on my radar before. It’s cheap, the food is great, and again, the people are diverse and friendly. I feel like a broken record, but I can’t recommend this country and area enough.


Upon arriving in Malacca very hungry I headed for The Daily Fix, a highly recommended cafe. It did not disappoint, and after going everyday for breakfast and coffee, I have to say everything I ordered was delicious. The staff is incredibly friendly, the coffee is third wave, the juice is fresh, and they have really inventive twists on common menu items. If you go, you must, must, must order the iced, salted gula malacca chocolate milk. It is amazing! And you will thank me once you have tried it.


Roasted duck pancakes with spinach sauce accompanies by iced salted gula malacca chocolate milk and fresh squeezed juice

Another wonderful culinary treat was Pak Putra, an amazing Indian restaurant that was luckily right around the corner. The ambiance is very relaxed, as most of the seating is in the parking lot of the building where the restaurant is located. I had chicken tandoori and cheese naan both times and it was delicious. My husband had fish curry one night and garlic pepper chicken the second night. Don’t bother with rice here, the naan is made fresh in one of the two tandoori ovens. And honestly, the curries were so-so. It’s the food from the tandoori that is really special. Part of the fun of this place is that you can watch the guys making the naan and preparing the chicken. The best tandoori I have ever had.


Pak Putra serving the most tender tandoori chicken and freshest naan I have ever eaten.

The highlights of Malacca for me were the old, colorful architecture, the city’s interesting history, and the food. You can walk around all day looking at the old shop houses, make your way to Dutch Square, and then up the hill to the old ruins of St. Paul’s Church. If you are interested in looking inside the old houses, head to the Baba and Nyonya Museum for a tour through a house that has been around for four generations. The tour is pretty informative, and our tour guide had quite the sense of humor. I also really enjoyed the river cruise too. It’s a little on the short side but its also cheap and it gives you a nice view of other parts of the city you wouldn’t see otherwise. It also showed me that the river path is a great place for a morning or evening jog. (It’s way too hot to jog in the heat of the day)


School girls enjoying their field trip

So far there have been no major issues, aside from being covered in sweat every moment I am outside and away from the air conditioner. And the loss of two umbrellas and a hand towel, but it could be worse.

Have you been to Singapore or Malaysia? What was your favorite part of traveling in these countries?

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Awesome. I love the picture of little India. And the pictures of food look great too. And those orchid! Wow. So glad you are enjoying it all and that you are sharing it.


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