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Living a Dream in Singapore

written by Traipsing Terra August 3, 2016

Singapore was the first destination on my five-month journey home to the US. The start of this trip marked the end of two years teaching abroad, and although I have had many opportunities for travel during the last two years, it was a lot more challenging because I had a full-time job. So for a treat on my first stop of the journey I decided to try something that I never do. I decided to splurge and stay for one night at the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. You might know the one I’m talking about- it has the amazing infinity pool on the roof of the hotel. The pool is actually what made me want to stay there- that and the weird architecture, not to mention the nearby Gardens by the Bay.

Usually while traveling I try to research to find the best deals with good ratings. Rarely do I spend more than $40 per night on lodging (at least while abroad, it’s a different story back home where you can’t find a nice $50 hotel anywhere). So when I saw the cost of the Sands Hotel wasn’t sure if I could justify spending that much for one night. But after discussing it with my husband, we decided it was ok to splurge this once since it was only one night.

I'm glad I decided to splurge! This was the view from our room.

I’m glad I decided to splurge! This was the view from our room.


Was it worth it?

My answer is yes! I would even do it again if Marina Bay would like me to officially review their hotel. Ha Ha. But since I would rather use my money for experiences or adventures rather than on a hotel, I might not make it back there. At least not until I win the lottery or start making the big money, so probably never again. But again, I don’t regret my decision because it was such a fun and completely different experience than I’m used to.


There were many highlights to my stay, but the pool topped the list. It is really incredible, and was reason enough for me to want to go, and go ahead in the future. It’s on the edge of the roof, so you swim to the edge and can look out over the city. You can also order all sorts of fun fruity drinks, beers, and food from your lounge chair. It’s a great spot for people watching as well. There were people of all ages and nationalities, every sort of swim attire, and the selfies were really out of control. Just watching people taking selfies in the pool was enough to make the experience fun.

I'm not one for cliched photos, but I had to get one of me at the edge of that pool. And no, I'm not ashamed!

I’m not one for cliched photos, but I had to get one of me at the edge of that pool. And no, I’m not ashamed!

The hotel is really close to the Sky Trees, which makes for a fun evening out. I am not a huge mall shopper (often opting for a good thrift store) but you have to walk through the mall that is attached to the hotel to get there. If gardens and malls aren’t your thing, don’t worry, there is also a casino, a theatre, and a really great food court. This appears to be the best budget option while staying at the hotel, as room serve, and the few restaurants inside the hotel, are a bit pricey. At night you can walk through the mall to the bay and see a light and music show right on the water. But if your hotel room faces in the right direction then you can see the whole show from your window.


The other perk of staying at Marina Bay was it’s proximity to the Sky Trees.



 Again, my favorite part of staying there was the pool. Not just because it was refreshing in the hot April sun, but also for the views of the city, all the boats in the ocean, and people watching. I also really enjoyed the sky view terrace where you can enjoy a 180 degree view of Singapore. The sky view terrace can be accessed as a non-hotel guest for a small fee. The pool however is only open to hotel guests.

The pool was even popular at night!

The pool was even popular at night!

Another highlight for me was staying in such a nice big room. One wall was floor to ceiling windows, allowing for amazing views and great lighting. I enjoyed doing yoga in front of the window as the sun was setting, which for me makes for a nice evening. The bed was also huge as was the TV. It’s the type of room that you don’t feel bad about hanging out in. My husband and I were content with watching the sun set, and getting room service so we could enjoy the room as much as possible.

Watching the sun set from our room.

Watching the sun set from our room.

The room service actually wasn’t that good. I would have rather headed down to one of the fancy restaurants where the food would have been a bit better, and around the same price. But again, we were content with watching the sunset and the lights come on across the city. Ordering drinks through room service makes more sense, as they are the same price regardless of where you order them.

Although this was completely opposite of how we usually travel, I am so happy we decided to do it. Sometimes it’s just nice to forget your routine and do something completely different than what you usually do. I really enjoyed the whole experience, and although my husband and I aren’t the fashionable types, and came in with our backpacks, the customer service was amazing. They really went out of their way to make you feel welcome and comfortable.

Have you ever decided to splurge and do something you don’t usually do while traveling? I would love to hear your experience in the comments below!

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Morgen Lennox August 3, 2016 at 11:51 am

I can’t see the photo of you on the edge of the pool, maybe it didn’t load properly? I can see all the others!

Traipsing Terra August 13, 2016 at 5:12 am

Oh no! I will look into that, thanks for letting me know Morgen!!


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