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Hello there! My name is Terra and I am a native Californian who learned at the age of eleven my love of travel (thanks Mom and Dad!). My parents took me and my sister to Belize for Spring Break, where we spent some of the best weeks of my young life. Since discovering my love of travel, I have used every opportunity through school, or in my personal life to go find new places to explore. I took my time getting through college, but when I needed to choose a major, I decided on geography, which allowed me to see both the physical, and cultural landscapes of the world.



Over two years ago my husband and I packed our things, and started our travels, first domestically around the USA and Canada, then we headed to Oceania for a few months before I found my first English teaching job at a Kindergarten in Dali, Yunnan China. After spending a year in China, we moved to Japan where we have been for 10 months. We are definitely not ready to return home for good, but we have both decided that we need a good 6 months or more of travel before landing our next teaching positions.


My favorite things to do when I get to a new city, is to get out and start walking. It’s a slow way to see a city, but you end of finding so many hidden gems, and things you wouldn’t see if you tour a city by bus, or via a tour guide. Walking allows you to experience everything around you from sights to smells. I also love getting outdoors and away from cities to explore a more natural areas try and spot some local fauna. And, most of all, I also love finding good food, coffee, and cocktails along the way!


I would love to help you plan a trip of your own, so if you are interested, please contact me and we can get started on planning your next travel adventure!